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Melt Into the Couch with Men’s Loungewear Collection

Do you want to look stylish while relaxing at home? If yes, then men’s loungewear collection at one8 Innerwear can give you the much-needed comfort in an outfit that is super comfy for modern men. With an increased demand for casual and athletic clothing options, people are more into searching the stylish yet relaxed clothing styles for their new wardrobe collection.


Men’s lounge shorts came up with a contemporary twist and made it trendier of late. With the changes in lifestyle, our experts revealed that home offices, stay-at-home celebrations and shopping from home are increasing the desire to be nearer to the comfort zone. With our collection, you will feel pampered and here’s why we think you should invest in our men’s loungewear collection-

  • Comfy Clothes with The Right Fit: Your comfort is compromised when your comfy clothes keep falling off. When the drawstring gets loose or elastic gets damaged after multiple uses of your casual bottoms, replace it with Bermuda lounge shorts that come with a slightly loose fit around your thighs.
  • Replace Old Jammies: No matter how nostalgic you feel about your old clothes, the old jammies that have been used so far are rough, itchy and give you rash while trying to relax. So, now it’s high time to bid them goodbye. Our collection will effortlessly move with you while staying in place. So, while lazing on the couch or going out during the wee hours, try our lounge shorts for men to move with comfort and style.
  • Ideal for Low-Key Hangouts: If you have to run for quick errands and get dressed as well, then men’s lounge shorts are not just a comfortable option, but also needs you to take less effort in switching between multiple styles.
  • Functional Clothing to Roam Around Hands-Free: It’s quite impossible to relax when your hands are full. Even, in a lot of relaxation wear designers neglect to put the pockets. However, we believe that the right loungewear will let you roam around hands-free to stash wallets and keys without any second thought.
  • Perfect Work-From-Home Attire: In this era of remote work, there it needs a wardrobe upgrade, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise with your comfort and put on the real pants for the video call. Our selection of men’s loungewear will allow you to sit through the zoom meetings effortlessly.

Moreover, if you don’t own any loungewear item in your wardrobe and struggle to find the right piece of clothing to slip into after a long day at work, then get your hands on our collection today. 

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