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About our


One8 Innerwear is one of India’s most distinguished innerwear brands. The brand promotes the spirit of being unstoppable, restless, and unafraid of life’s challenges. It provides a quality selection of men’s innerwear solutions that guarantee comfort and the perfect fit and feel. One8 innerwear items are unquestionably essential for achievers who refuse to give up.

One8innerwear has quickly established itself as a formidable competitor to its peers. Over the years, it has constantly demonstrated extraordinary product development and market innovation. We also want to continually improve and provide the utmost customer satisfaction by creating high-quality products.

Our Story


The One8 Innerwear comes up with an excellent collection of products that comprise of boxers/ trunks, briefs, vests, and boxer shorts. These premium quality innerwear are super comfortable and highly stretchable. They accompany you to give your best at every moment of your life. The products of One8 Innerwear always keep the style, fit and comfort quotient in unison. So, they are a complete package of everything you need regardless of whether the hustle is on or not! The products of One8 Innerwear have consistently remained true to their brand. This has remarkably assisted the brand to make a place for itself in the market and also attain the trust of our customers.


Mission & Vision

Our brand’s primary objective is to bring “Comfort to the Restless,” and we strive to do so with our products every day. This helps us achieve our goal of being the top Indian innerwear business in the world and leading the sector toward long-term progress and expansion.