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As we all know, men wear an inner vest as an undergarment for the upper body. Vests not only protect the body from the discomfort of sweat but also add another layer to safeguard the outerwear from being in contact with the body. Did you know the term vest came from the French word “Veste”, which was translated to sports coat and jacket later? However, the term vest is now more often used for innerwear.

Some slim-fit and scratchy fabrics feel uncomfortable upon wearing for long and vests come up as an escape to such discomforts. Though a lot of innerwear styles came up over time, a vest without sleeves is the most popular one that men wear daily. Here is a brief discourse on why men should have vests as their wardrobe staple.

Benefits of inner vests:

The conventional vests are made of white coloured single jersey knitted fabric without the side seam. The use of lightweight fabric makes an inner vest soft and comfortable to the body. Piping with self-fabric on neck and armhole gives it a finished look. As fashion demands, the vest designs keep on changing with different colours and cuts to make the products more attractive. Here are some tried and tested advantages of wearing an inner vest have mentioned below –

  • Reduces Transparency of The Upper Outfit: It is one of the common advantages to reduce the transparency of the upper shirt. It efficiently hides the chest hair and skin that sometimes peep from the button spacing.
  • Prevent Deodorant Staining: Most of us love using deodorant. Upon wearing an inner vest, you will rest assured that your upper outfit won’t get stained and run long.
  • Absorbs Sweat: Do you live in a hot and humid climate? If yes, then vests could be your ultimate necessity. It not only absorbs sweat but also prevents it from seeping into the outerwear. As a result, it no more causes stains on your shirt.
  • Create a Smooth Appearance: The slim fit design and cut allows the inner vests to cover the bulges and love handles efficiently. It gives smoothness and uniformity to your attire while giving a sharp appearance.
  • Maintains Core Body Temperature: In cold climates, a vest will provide you with the much-needed comfort with an extra layer of clothing. In the case of hotter regions, vests efficiently absorb the sweat and remain comfortable on your skin.
  • Comfort and Protection: Inner vests offer much-needed comfort by adding a layer of protection from the unnecessary friction and rubbing of the outerwear. Moreover, the stitching, fabric type, seams, or buttons can cause skin issues and itchiness, which can be easily avoided by wearing a vest.

Things To Keep in Mind Before Buying Vests:

Hopefully, you have been convinced enough with the utility of a vest and decided to include it as an everyday essential. Now, let’s be aware of a few things before choosing vests.

  • Make sure the fabric material is of high quality, else you will find holes on your vests after a few washes.
  • Refrain from choosing vests made of poor cotton blend which can cause allergies in your under-arm region.
  • Be careful with the colour of the vests and make sure it matches the colour of your shirt. Otherwise, it might get visible underneath your dress shirt.
  • Be aware of choosing the waist size. Especially, if you have a bulging belly, then a vest with a smaller waist size might roll up and remain above your tummy area.
  • Make sure the shape of your inner vest must be aligned with the shape of your shirt, else it may peep over your upper garment.

Buying Guide for Inner Vests:

While buying innerwear vests, here are a few things to consider carefully before putting much attention and money into the purchase.

  • Fabric: Depending on the purpose of wearing an inner vest, you can choose the material, which will include micro modal combed cotton, cotton linen, and cotton with elastane. Choosing one of the finest materials is important to avail the properties like soft, light-weighted, and moisture-wicking.
  • Colour: Just like how you remain conscious while choosing underwear colour, it is also important to choose the colour of the vests as well. Since upper clothing tends to be more transparent than bottom wear, choosing a vest matching the colour of your top wear or a white vest- can be a safe bet.
  • Size: Since sizes may vary from one brand to another, it is important to refer to the size chart of that particular vest brand to ensure the right fit. For example, One8innerwear comes with a proper size chart for each of its products, to which the buyers can refer before making a purchase.
  • Length: While shopping for men’s vests online, look for the varying length and choose the one suitable for you. For example, gym vests are shorter compared to regular ones.
  • Neck style: There are plenty of neck styles available for men’s inner vests which include U-neck, round neck, and V-neck. All you have to keep in mind is your clothing style and comfort before choosing the product.

While keeping these parameters in mind, you can choose casual vests, fashion vests, gym vests, jog vests, lounge vests, and other styles from One8innerwear.

Rules of Wearing Vests as Undershirts:

Are you planning to wear vests as undershirts? If yes, here are a few things to keep in mind –

  • Fit & firm: You must choose vests with the right cut, design, size, and style that will give you a snug fit with optimum support. Whereas anything tight-fitting can cause long-term physical support, too loose innerwear defeats the purpose of wearing it. If you think of buying oversized vests thinking they will shrink after washing, then you are highly mistaken. Most innerwear products are made to fit and don’t shrink after wash. Also, make sure, the innerwear should remain fit throughout your upper body without bagging or binding.
  • Smooth Appearance:  You would never like it if innerwear bumps and lines get visible through your outerwear. Especially, it looks more awkward when you wear slim-fit shirts, as their fabrics are soft and sheer. Hence, it is important to choose vests either in seamless style or invest in some non-transparent shirt fabrics.
  • Remain Weather Smart: Is it a hot and humid day outside? If yes, then it’s advisable to wear a breathable cotton vest for inner comfort. Since the primary role of an inner vest is to absorb excessive sweat, it’s better to avoid synthetic material and invest in blends that remain soft on your skin. However, synthetic materials are best worn inside a temperature-controlled room or during the winter season.

We hope this information will help you to buy men’s vests online with more confidence and let you flaunt your silhouette in your unique style. At One8Innerwear, we keep all these details in mind and manufacture vests to let wearers have a pleasing experience. With superb moisture-wicking capability, anti-microbial properties, and maximum breathability, our products ensure softness and comfort inside. Choose from our collection and let us take care of your everyday need.