Which Men’s Underwear Is Best For Your Body Type?

Which Men’s Underwear Is Best For Your Body Type?

Did you know boxer shorts were made during WWI?

The military wanted to equip the soldiers with a practical underwear design. So, they issued them shorts that had a button front. The design proved to be so convenient that even after the war ended, men continued to wear it. It’s that design that led to boxers.

It’s not just boxers that come from that era. The ever-popular briefs also date back to the same period. The very first briefs were manufactured in 1935. Originally, they were called “jockey” because it provided support very similar to that of a jockstrap.

Fast-forward to today, and we have a plethora of designs for men’s underwear, making it easier for different body types to find a style of innerwear that suits them to T.


How to choose the right underwear for your body type?

1.    Apple-shaped body:

If you have a round body that’s slightly wider on top, then you fall into the apple-shaped body type. Usually, this physique has an average height, ample posterior and a healthy figure overall.

Underwear to wear:

The best style is boxers since they are looser and more comfortable. Anything too tight in the leg area is not a great fit for the apple body shape. A constricting waistband would be itchy, leave marks on the skin and form an ugly muffin top. Long boxer briefs are another option. We recommend double-checking the size before you buy and, if in doubt, getting one size bigger.


2.    Lean body type

A lean, slim or skinny body is one where the upper and lower regions are of almost the same measurement. If your muscle mass is thin and your body fat is low, you have a lean body.

Underwear to wear:

Trunks, hipsters, and brief-boxers are the underwear for lean body types. They give you the illusion of fuller legs. Anything that’s too bulky or has excess fabric will bunch around the legs, which would make them look even slimmer. Size is an important issue for lean body types. Buy innerwear that’s one size too big, and your waistline will be swimming in baggy elastic.


3.    Pear-Shaped Body

This body type is the inverse of the apple. If you are endowed with a broad lower body and a slimmer upper body, you are pear-shaped. Many Indian men fall under this category. Their thighs are heavy, their waists are broad, and their posteriors protrude.

Underwear to wear:

Long legged boxers or trunks are an impeccable option for a pear-shaped body. Briefs are another style you can wear without worry. What you need to keep in mind when shopping for innerwear is to not buy a style that fits snugly on your thighs.

The leg band will ride up, forming a roll that shows through your trousers and pants. Not to mention, the bunched-up material is incredibly uncomfortable. In case you have a pear-shaped body and want to try boxers, look for ones that are specially designed to prevent ‘riding up.’


4.    Taller body type

Anyone who is above 6 feet comes under the tall body type. The physique has a long torso with even longer legs.

Underwear to wear:

The innerwear that suits this body type the most is boxers. But then, boxers are the most versatile underwear for men. Most body types can carry it. For taller frames, we recommend opting for styles with mid-rise or high-rise waistbands. Low-rise innerwear is not an ideal fit here because it often reveals the bums, particularly when you bend down.


5.    Stocky body type

Men who have a small bone structure and a height of under 5 feet 5 inches fall into the stocky or short body type.

Underwear to wear:

Briefs, trunks, or even jockstraps, are the most suitable underwear for short body types. When you are hunting for new innerwear, look for an option that exposes or emphasizes your legs. That would make them appear longer, adding the illusion of height. Keep the rise of underwear short for the same reason.


Answering your burning questions about men’s underwear

Not all body types fit neatly into one category. If only that were true, all our troubles would come to an end. Unfortunately, most of us fall somewhere between short and chunky, lean and tall, or apple and pear. With that in mind, we now answer some questions men with mixed body types most frequently ask about underwear.

We also talk about what innerwear to wear for a particular situation. Why? Because you don’t wear the same underwear to the gym and a job interview. The choice of brief, boxer or trunk should change, matching the style to the situation.

1.    What’s the best underwear if I’m tall and skinny?

You have two options – boxer-briefs or boxer-shorts. Both styles highlight your leanness and add more structure to your height. We recommend a bold colour or maybe patterned underwear as it can make the body appear more compact.


2.    What’s the best men’s underwear if I have chunky thighs and short height?

Briefs. They are your safest bet. Buy a snug pair here. They are comfortable because briefs don’t hinder movement while giving you plenty of support. And if you’re also on the shorter end of the height scale, you get the added advantage of making your legs look elongated.

3.    What underwear should you wear to a job interview?

You need to remember two things. One, the underwear has to be absolutely comfortable. An interview is already a nervous situation. You don’t want tight innerwear to add to your uneasiness. Two, you don’t want it to be visible through your formal pants. You want a clean and sharp look.

That’s why the classic is always the way to go – a pair of white briefs that fit just right. Make sure they are not too tight or too loose.

4.    What underwear should you wear to the gym or for working out?

Support is essential when you are working out. Also, the fabric of the innerwear should be breathable. You will be working up a sweat, and you don’t want the underwear to be drenched in it and trap the smell. Elastane, nylon or a polyester blend are the correct fabric choices. For style, a jockstrap should be your go-to option, and if you don’t have one yet, snug, bold briefs will do the trick. They are ideal at allowing all sorts of body movement offering sufficient support.

5.    What underwear is best when travelling (flight, road trip, or train)?

Travel means you’ll be sitting for a long time, probably in a cramped area. So, you need practical, functional innerwear, and that means boxer-briefs. They provide support and have a relaxed fit, which means you won’t be adjusting yourself in the middle of an airport! And since it bears repeating, always wear the most comfortable innerwear when travelling, whether it is for 2 hours or twelve hours.

6.    Should you buy colourful underwear or only white?

Like with everything in fashion, underwear trends also evolve. Right now, colours and patterns are a big trend in innerwear. So, as long as you like the colour, we say go ahead and buy a pair. If you’re hesitant to experiment, start with safe black or blue boxers. For those, who’re just waiting to dive into the trend, try the fashion boxers, or you could opt for innerwear with a coloured seam that really projects a bold, restless personality.

7.    What’s the best way to store men’s underwear?

The right (and the most dependable) way to store innerwear is to roll it. Not only does it help in keeping it organized, but it also takes less space. So, if you want a neat wardrobe and make the most use of limited space, roll your innerwear. Don’t fold it.

Avoid these common men’s innerwear mistakes

It sounds like common sense, but you’d be amazed at how many times we make these mistakes. You may have found the right trunk for your body type or the most supportive brief for a workout, but you might still be making little oversights, such as:

1.    Failing the freshness test

Innerwear should always be fresh. That means starting your day with a clean pair of underwear. Without fail. Moreover, never, ever wear faded or ripped innerwear. If it looks like Swiss cheese, throw it away.

2.    Failing the fitness test

Whether you have an apple-shaped body or a tall and lean one; whether you love loose boxers or full coverage briefs, the fit should be a top priority. A well-fitting innerwear can make all the difference to your look and confidence. The myth that wearing a size smaller is better is just that – a myth. All that leads to is a day spent secretly pulling the innerwear in the right place. It also causes itching, excessive sweating, and irritation.

However, that does not mean you should select a size too big for you. While that will give you room to breathe, the excess cloth will cluster and roll, which shows is visible through the pants or jeans. Don’t know which size would be most suited for you? Measure the circumference of your waist. That’s your size. It is generally the same as the trousers you wear.

3.    Failing the care test

This is one mistake most men make – throwing their innerwear into the washing machine without care. Did you know the regular spin cycle can destroy the elastic of the waistband over time? The ideal way to dry men’s underwear is to air-dry them. When that is not possible, use a machine that has a gentle tumble dry cycle.


Your takeaway

The choice of underwear has a lot of factors involved. It is not just about fabric, colour, body type or the day-to-day situation. Your personal style also makes a difference. We’ve written a whole guide on different men’s innerwear and personal style, swing by here to discover yours.