What Colour Men’s Innerwear To Wear With White Clothes?

White kurtas, white pajamas, white pants. Some festive season, a lot of us wear white in some form or the other. We may don a dark, blue Nehru jacket on top or pair the kurta with a printed floral jacket. But the fact remains that white is a classic and an evergreen colour that never goes out of style. When in doubt, make it white, and you’ll be the most dapper person in the room.

And it’s not just during Durga Puja, Dussehra, and Diwali. White is one shade that looks handsome, even in western formal wear. Literally, every man wants white, linen pants in his wardrobe. But, and this is a big one, the colour does have a drawback.

You can’t wear white with any random innerwear. Both your boxer and your vest must be the proper shade and fit. Pick the wrong colour and the vest will shine from under the kurta or white shirt. Pick the wrong fit and the brief will be visible through the pajamas or pants.

So, the question is, what colour underwear should you wear with white pants, shirts, kurtas, or any other piece of clothing? That’s what we answer today, along with the right cut, right fabric and how to take care of your white coloured innerwear to make them last longer!

Which men’s innerwear to wear under white clothes?

Before we dive into the appropriate underwear colour for white clothes, let’s make sure of what you absolutely cannot wear under them.

  • An orange fashion vest is well and good under a dark coloured shirt or green trunk under jeans. But for all light-coloured clothes like a pale t-shirt or Indian wear, bright colours are a no. Blues, greens, oranges and black vests and briefs are very prominent under white clothes because the contrast is too high. So, avoid them.
  • Similarly, it’s not a smart idea to mix a patterned lounge vest with white clothes. If you love prints and patterns in innerwear, then wear them under casual and dark-shade clothes. Prints and patterns are clearly visible from under light clothes, just like solid hues such as navy, grey and black are.

So, this festive season when you wear white pajamas or white pants stick to skin-toned vests, briefs, boxers or trunks.

Why beige and not white?

While there is nothing wrong with pairing a white vest with a crisp white kurta, it is still visible from underneath. And that takes away from the cut and style of your outfit.

How come white innerwear can be seen? Shouldn’t the white kurta hide it? Theoretically, yes. But as they say, real life is always different. It happens because the shade of white is often different, and that makes the shape of the vest even more prominent.

The same logic applies to white trousers and pants. A white brief or boxer is very noticeable, particularly the shape of it. So, stick to nude, skin or beige colours in your vests and trunks. Just make sure that the shade matches your skin tone completely. If you opt for a lighter beige than your skin, it will be evident.

What other colours blend well with light coloured clothes?

You can also choose any of the following shades in innerwear based on what suits your skin tone the best:

  • Ivory
  • Cream
  • Brown
  • Copper
  • Pastel yellow
  • And red
The exception to bright colour innerwear

Yes, you read the last colour right.

It is a little-known fact that even though red is a lively colour, it can be worn under white clothes or even lighter shades like yellow and pink. And no, no one would make out that you’re wearing red boxers. They’re practically invisible.

The trick is to opt for darker reds like garnet (see the shade) and not brighter reds (see shades). Don’t believe us? Try our fashion vest and see for yourself.  It’s the correct shade of red.

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The right innerwear fit for light-coloured clothes

Colour is the first step to choosing the best-suited innerwear for white or light-coloured attire. The second is the fit and the cut. When they are not exact, two things happen. One, the underwear gets uncomfortable very fast. Two, your smart and sharp look is spoiled.

So, find the exact fit. We give you tonnes of tips on how here. However, the gist of it is that briefs are a safe choice for pajamas and loose trousers. But if you’re wearing body-fit pants in light colours, we advise choosing another innerwear cut like boxers.

Why? Because briefs stop just under the buttock curve and that line is very, very noticeable through the translucent fabric of body-hugging pants. Whereas, boxers descend lower and reach the upper thigh. Plus, they mould to your body shape and don’t dig into your skin. That’s why boxers are the unquestionably perfect cut.

To sum up, pick either a brief or a boxer in the correct colour, and you’ll be set for all your outfits for the festive season!

Find the right fabric for your innerwear

We’ve talked about colour. We’ve spoken about which type of innerwear to select. Now, we move on to the fabric. A vest or a brief should be extremely comfortable on your skin, as well as invisible through light-coloured clothes. It’s why the fabric you choose is crucial.

Super combed cotton is the finest choice because it is light, thin and breathable. It almost feels like a second skin. Look for options that also have elastane in them. The material is softer and doesn’t leave marks. However, irrespective of what fabric you select, make sure that the seams are not very obvious. They should almost disappear when you don the innerwear.


How to keep men’s white underwear white?

Okay, let’s be honest. All of us love our tighty-whities. When it comes to men’s innerwear, white is the colour most of us pick. But keeping them white is a constant challenge. They seem to turn yellow, grey or simply fade in a blink. So, here are a handful of tips to keep your white underwear looking new and making them last longer.

1.     Always follow the label

You know that label that comes with new clothes? Pay attention to it. Read the instructions before you wash your innerwear. It will tell you if you can machine wash it or not, at what temperature and even how to dry the innerwear. So, don’t cut the label mindlessly next time you buy a boxer or a vest.

2.     Wash white clothes separately

We know you’ve heard it plenty of times. Never wash coloured garments with white clothes. It is not something people just say. It actually works because white innerwear greys with time while black, navy and other colours whiten.

See where we’re going with this? When you wash white underwear separately, they don’t grey as much. They keep that white lustre for longer and therefore last longer.

A point to note here is to not wash white socks with white underwear. Even though they are of the same colour, run a separate cycle for socks. They are the dirtiest of all clothes, full of dirt, debris, stains, and sweat. When you wash them with other white garments, everything turns grey faster.

3.     Use cold water to wash white innerwear

Hot water is great at removing stubborn stains, but it wreaks havoc on the fabric and elastic. So, we strongly advise against it. It’s best to wash innerwear with cold water. It will maintain the brightness and lightness of the fabric.

Moreover, the elastic on the brief’s waist or the stretchability of your jogger vest will not spoil. Again, read the label to know what is the appropriate temperature to wash them.

4.     Utilize soft or natural whitening agents

Do not bleach your innerwear. Yes, it will brighten the white, but it will damage the fabric beyond repair. Good alternatives are natural whiteners or softer agents. Think baking soda mixed in lukewarm water to remove tough stains. Another option is lemon juice or white vinegar. Both keep white clothes looking like new and they also get rid of stains and smells.

5.     Never use the drying cycle for underwear

The worst thing men can do to their innerwear is tumble dry them. Never, ever run the drying cycle in your washing machine when underwear is being cleaned. It damages the fabric, the seams, and the elastic of your boxers, briefs, or trunks.

Your whites will last mere days if you tumble dry them, and you’ll have to replace them more often. The best way to dry all innerwear is in the air. Try to hang them under the shade if the sun is too bright.


Innerwear, white clothes, and making them last longer

No matter how sturdy the fabric of men’s innerwear is, it is still delicate. The same applies to all white and light-shade clothes. It is not easy to keep their shine or make them last longer. But if you follow the three golden rules, your wardrobe will always have at least one white outfit good enough to be worn anywhere.

Hand wash your white clothes and innerwear. We know, we know. It takes effort and time, but it is so worth it. Give it just one try, and you’ll believe us. If you just have to wash it in a machine, use the most delicate cycle it has. Also, put the underwear in a net or pillowcase to protect it. Finally, use cold water and mild detergents!