Things You Should Know About Briefs And Trunks

There are different styles of men’s underwear that are available in the market nowadays. For this reason, men can sometimes find it difficult to select the style best suitable for them. Briefs and trunks have become the most popular type of underwear for men. That is why, we will list some things that will help you determine what to choose – briefs or trunks.

Briefs and Trunks


Briefs can offer you the perfect amount of support and coverage. It is important to know your size before you purchase a brief as otherwise, it can result in a wardrobe malfunction. In addition, briefs tend to be tighter.


Trunks do not provide as much coverage as briefs do. However, they offer a greater amount of comfort in comparison to briefs. So, if you want to relax in your home, you can wear trunks.

How do Briefs or Trunks differ from each other?

Briefs are underwear that gives you a close fit. They are designed to provide maximum protection to your intimate parts. Though they are not the favourite among men in terms of style. However, they allow your thighs, legs, and knees to move comfortably.

The comfort factor among briefs is not only because of their softness or how they feel but also for their support and flexibility. Additionally, briefs protect your intimate area from visibility. So, if you want decent coverage, you can go for briefs.

Trunks come with a suitable length and they also have a good amount of flexibility. They make your thighs and legs look muscular and slimmer. As a result, it also boosts your confidence and makes you feel attractive. But, in comparison to briefs, trunks do not offer much support. Despite this, some men prefer trunks, it is because it makes them feel freer and more comfortable.

What to wear – Briefs and Trunks?

If you are confused about what to wear – briefs or trunks, we are here to help you out. Below we have listed factors that you must take into consideration before deciding to wear briefs and trunks.

Knowing the body type

Your body type will play a key role in you knowing whether you need to go for briefs or trunks. Briefs and boxer briefs provide a good fit for tall guys who have thick legs. However, if you have a short height with slim legs, you can choose trunks over briefs as they will give you a more comfortable fit.

In case you have a square-shaped back, briefs can offer an overall good shape that can make you look flattering. On the other hand, if your posterior is more on the rounder side, trunks will be a more suitable option. You have the ultimate freedom to choose what makes you look and feel the best.

Dressing for occasion

Whether you choose trunks or briefs, comfort should always be at the top of your priority list. You can wear it while you are about to go to bed or just relax in your home. However, it is best not to wear them when you are going to the gym.

Briefs enhance your sex appeal. So, if you have a dinner date planned with someone, you can wear them. In addition, briefs are also good for wearing when you are going to the gym for an intense workout session.

Weather specific

Several people wear briefs and trunks throughout the year irrespective of the weather. During the winter season, however, it is best to wear trunks as it covers a significant portion and enables you to stay warm. In the summer season, briefs are the best as they keep you cool.

Also, while selecting briefs or trunks, opt for a moisture-wicking fabric so that your comfort remains and things such as heat rash and sweat do not bother you anymore.

Determining the length and coverage

It’s entirely your choice how much length and coverage you want in your innerwear. But, always go for the innerwear that gives a boost to your confidence and is something that you can relax in. Both trunks and briefs offer you a good amount of coverage. But, trunks provide a little bit more coverage for your thighs than briefs. If you want to go a bit bold, you can wear briefs.

Type of clothing

If you prefer short pants, then trunks will be suitable for you. And, if you are wearing denim, then go for briefs.


It can be sometimes hard to differentiate between men’s innerwear. However, to make things easier for you, in this blog we have discussed all that you need to know about briefs or trunks. For full coverage and support, you can choose briefs and if you want to relax at home, then trunks are a better option.

Briefs protect your intimate area from visibility while trunks offer a looser fit. It is important to know which kind of innerwear is best suited for your body type. Moreover, you must determine your choice whether you are going on a date or visiting the gym. Weather is also an important factor. Lastly, consider the length and coverage and the type of clothing you prefer.