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Get Comfortable from Inside with Men’s Boxers, Trunks and Shorts

It is hard sometimes to know which underwear to buy. As there are different styles out there, it might seem a bit confusing to choose one for a particular body type. And, if you feel the same in your case, One8 Innerwear is here to help with the modern underwear range selling mens underwear trunks, shorts and fashion boxers


Boxers could be your go-to option if you have trouble selecting your underwear. Boxers provide extra coverage, support and fit. They can be worn under all types of pants. Moreover, they are perfect for athletic activities. They prevent your skin from getting chaffed as they have lengthier leg openings. A quality pair of boxers could be a staple in a man’s innerwear collection.


Men’s underwear trunks are worth choosing for those who have slimmer thighs or lean body types. Trunks are structured with short legs and a snug tight fit. Their hem falls just above the widest part of your leg. In case you have shorter legs, then trunks are the perfect choice to accentuate muscles while adding comfort to your body type.  


Now when comes to boxer shorts, this style is more comfortable than boxers. Do you know how hot men look while wearing these boxer shorts? Well, whether it is a casual swimming or pool party, buy pair of shorts from us to remain flexible and cool throughout your outdoor activities or an indoor jamming session.

How to Pick the Right Underwear for You?

Perhaps your partner may have asked you to go on a date and you are not feeling confident enough from the inside to face the special moment. Well, the right product from the experts can surely add the extra oomph to your intimate moments. Whereas some people venture out to try new underwear styles, there are a few who stick to what they have been wearing for a long time. 

However, if you have worn briefs until now and looking for something comfortable that comes up with the right cut and style, then trunks and boxer shorts are the items you shouldn’t miss trying out next. 

Underwear is the first thing that comes in close contact with your skin and the first defense against the world outside. So, no matter whether you are spending your time at home or office or into outdoor activity, our men’s boxer briefs or trunks or shorts could be your mood-setter. 

So, when you look for supportive and long-lasting underwear, stretch and durability are the two things you have to ensure. Luckily, One8 Innerwear products are designed to last through multiple wears and offer supreme comfort and flexibility.

If you are realizing the need to make an investment in underwear replacing the old ones, show yourself some love and put some pairs of boxers, trunks and boxer shorts into rotation.

Buy Men’s Underwear Products at One8 Innerwear

Wondering where you could get men’s boxer briefs, trunks and shorts that are simultaneously super supportive, comfortable, and stretchable. Get your hands on our stylish and supremely fitting products. Men’s underwear at One8 Innerwear is made to give you the flexibility that is needed all day. The fabric is engineered to absorb sweat and keep you relaxed throughout. Also, how could we compromise on fashion? To give a slight twist to these underwear essentials, we have got you underwear in basic hues and printed designs. These men’s boxer briefs have become a go-to choice for most men due to their indispensable features.

Features of One8 Innerwear Products for Men

  1. Super Combed Cotton – Combed cotton is the processed and softer version of regular cotton. In its processing stage, cotton is finely combed to scrape off the shorter fibres which are likely to breakage. On combing twice, the cotton becomes super soft. This makes the boxer briefs super comfortable.
  2. Soft Waistband – The soft waistband is ultra-smooth. It is specially made to prevent the riding up of the boxer briefs. It gives the product a great grip, a soft feel, and a modern fit.
  3. Decorative Piping – There is decorative piping at the side of the boxer briefs to give it a stylish look.
  4. Elastane – Elastane fibre is a kind of synthetic fibre that is supremely elastic. It can stretch up to 7 times its original size. This kind of elasticity is purely man-made using polyurethane.
  5. Super-Absorbent – The product contains modal fabric which makes it super-absorbent. The modal fabric is a semi-synthetic fibre that is made out of the beech tree. It is super soft and can retain the colour of the product for a long time.

Buy a Complete Underwear Range for Men

Like all other underwear essentials, these men’s underwear trunks, boxer briefs and boxer shorts belong to the intimate menswear wardrobe. Owing to the online mode of shopping, now it is super easy to pick up pairs of your choice.


Get the most comfortable, stylish, and fitting men’s underwear trunks, boxers and shorts for sale in affordable combos at One8 Innerwear.com. Shop today!

Frequently Asked Questions on Boxer Briefs for Men