How to find the perfect men’s underwear size and type?

How to find the perfect men’s underwear size and type?

Why experience discomfort when you can choose your perfect underwear size? Men usually do not invest much time in choosing the right underwear fit for them. But wearing the right underwear size is really important.

Comfort and fit should not compromised upon. Every man is familiar with the discomfort of wearing the wrong sized underwear. Frequent adjustments, too tight or too loose, are the most common struggles that men face.

So to cut to the chase here is how you can choose your perfect men’s underwear size;


1.     Take the right measurements

To take the right measurement –

  • Measure your waist – Wrap the measuring tape around your natural waistline area. Make sure the measuring tape is parallel with the floor. It is recommendable to measure your waist with a finger between the measuring tape and your body. This will give a much more comfortable fit.

Avoid breathing in while measuring the waistline. Just breathe normally.

  • Measure your hips – Stand straight and measure around the widest part of your hips. This will give you an accurate measurement.


2.     Compare with the underwear size chart

Different brands have variable size charts.  So compare your measurement with the sizes mentioned in the men’s underwear size chart.

Underwear Size Chart

Picture source: Men’s underwear size chart of One8Innerwear.


Most size charts reflect measurements in two different units – inch and centimeter.  Inch (in) denotes the American size while Centimeter (cm) denotes the French size. 1 inch is relative to 2.54 cm.

If your waist measurement is close to 80-85 cm then in inch it is going to be32- 34 inches.


If your waist measurement falls in between two adjacent sizes, then pick the larger size. For example, if your measurement is 87cm, then chose the underwear of 90 – 95 cm.

Now as you are done with finding the right size of your underwear, it is now time to figure out the right type.


Tips for choosing the right type of men’s underwear

Underwear for men comes in a wide variety.  So to determine your underwear size, you must first find a suitable type of underwear. Choosing the right underwear type is important because men have different body types. Let’s have a quick look at different types of underwear available for men;

1. Boxer Briefs– Boxer briefs are a great choice for all body types. In such underwear, there is not much to bind together. These hipsters perfectly fit between the mid-upper thighs.  Boxer briefs are a comfortable and versatile option. Neither are these boxers brief too tight nor are they too loose. They are made of great elasticity and provide you the perfect grip and complete coverage. Like briefs, boxer briefs also provide extra support in the crotch area. This makes it suitable to wear for workouts as well.

Suitable for: Workout and Office. As they do not ride up, therefore they are ideal to wear in the gym. Moreover, their perfect grip makes them suitable for sedentary office life too.


2. Briefs –Briefs can rightly complement all types of pants. There is no bunching so it makes your outfit look well fitted. They are known for their compressed fit. They come with a smooth waistband and fabric that provides the perfect minimal coverage.

Choose briefs if you have thicker thighs. Moreover, underwear like boxer briefs may ride up and make you feel uncomfortable. It can also make your outfit look poorly fitted.

Brief underwear will rightly fit larger thighs and compliment your crotch area. The Y-shaped front part in briefs provides great fit and support. It makes your legs feel free no matter whatever activity you do.

Suitable for – Briefs are best for muscular and even lean bodies too. It is best suited for the one who requires to sit all day and work.


3. Trunks – Trunks are similar to boxer briefs but comparatively they have less thigh coverage. This indicates that they are made of less fabric and also have a smaller waistband. Moreover, trunks have great elasticity which stays for a very long time. They are said to fit better than boxer briefs. But they might not go well with men who have wide hips. In this case, boxer briefs are much more preferable.

Suitable for – Trunks are great for fit, thin, and muscular men. They are quite stretchable and are of fine quality. They are a great substitute for boxer briefs.


4. Boxer Shorts – Airy and comforting, boxer shorts are perfect for men with an apple-shaped figure. Moreover, boxer shorts can be a great choice for men who have sweaty and rash-prone skin. This is because boxer shorts are quite breathable as they do not stick to your body. But they cannot be worn in tight-fitting pants as they may make it look chaffed. Although boxers are quite comfortable to wear but they cannot provide much support.

Suitable for – Boxer shorts are great for big and muscular men. They can also be worn as nightwear.

Based on their measurements all men are entitled to try out different types of underwear.  It is only then they will be able to figure out which underwear will suit them the best. Not every underwear type is going to suit your body type. Hence, it is highly recommended to figure out the best type of underwear that will go well with your body and provide you comfort all day long.

There is more to finding the right men’s underwear apart from size and type. Certain technical aspects make the perfect underwear for men. Let us take a look at them;


What are the qualities of the perfect men’s underwear?

  • A perfect men’s underwear prevents burning sensation
  • They prevent rashes and other skin-related problems.
  • They are highly absorbent to sweat.
  • They are breathable and prevent odor.
  • Maintains a normal temperature.
  • They provide impeccable
  • Keeps everything in place.


Your takeaway

If you do not want to experience discomfort all day then you must find your perfect size. Moreover, it is not just about the size but also the right type of underwear. Once you find it, you are going to feel comfortable in your skin.