Do’s and Don’ts to follow for Men’s underwear

Men have always been considered to be last in the queue when it comes to fashion. Don’t you think so? Though men’s fashion contributed a lot to be ahead in the line in recent times, there are certain do’s and don’ts that men sometimes miss following. Due to the availability of a wide variety of underwear nowadays, men must abide by some rules and regulations before making a purchase. Read on this content to get a detailed guide while buying a pair of underwear for yourself.


Do’s For Men’s Underwear:

Define Your Style:

Be it outwear or underwear, the style must be all about being you. So, buy men’s underwear that will make you feel confident and comfortable wearing it. While searching online for men’s underwear, there is a wide variety of options you will find. Right from full coverage briefs to fusion briefs, modern boxers, pouch briefs, regular trunks, bold briefs, core briefs, and fashion briefs – there are a lot of options available. All you have to decide which men’s underwear style defines you.

The underwear must fit well:

Make sure you wear underwear that reflects your style. It’s not only about the fashion underneath, but the underwear style should also be comfortable enough for you to move around. In short, your innerwear should provide you with comfort and confidence.

Change it often:

Believe it or not, a lot of men do not change their underwear as frequently as they need to do. Daily, there are a lot of things to do and different places to go, which makes us sweaty or dirty. So, here you might find the reason to change your undies. What if you were relaxing throughout the day and didn’t feel sweaty enough? You won’t change it, right? Well, according to the research, a certain male population doesn’t change their underwear every day. So, if you are among them, it is suggested to change your underwear every single day, whether you feel they are not dirty, stinky, or sweaty enough to clean or not.

Do check the labels:

If you don’t bother about the brands and pick any undies randomly, then you must know that not all underwear is made of the same quality. The simple solution is to stick to a brand, which can provide the right quality that your intimate area looks for. Since products from different brands require different care, you might have to change the way you use or care for them. Even, some non-branded products don’t come with proper care or usage instruction, which makes it difficult to run underwear for long.


Know the material you are wearing:

Do you have the habit to read tags while buying? If yes, then you might have found tags containing material information, which helps you choose the product according to the usage and care. Here is a quick breakdown –

  • 100% cotton:

    Wash cotton undies separately from other clothes. Also, separate light colours from dark ones before soaking them in the cleaning solution. Machine wash and air dry them in shade. While in hurry, you can tumble dry them on the lowest heat setting and remove them as soon as they get dried.

  • Microfiber:

    Always wash your undies in cold water on a basic cycle for machine wash. Synthetic material dries quickly and doesn’t tolerate heat very well. Hence, it is recommended to skip heat drying for synthetic underwear.

  • Stretch cotton:

    Wash dark and light material separately. Do machine wash in cold to warm water and skip the use of fabric softener or bleach. Preferably do hand wash and hang them for air dry.

  • Sheer or mesh fabrics:

    These fabrics are quite delicate than other fabric types. A little impatience while washing can tear or rip these fabrics easily. Preferably machine-wash them in delicate cycles in cold to warm water and air dry them on a flat surface.

  • Natural fibres:

    For natural fibres, it is important to separate lights from dark and wash undies separately from other clothes.

  • Do hand-wash:

    In case you are not sure how to care for a particular pair of underwear, hand washing can be a safe bet. Since hand-wash is not as harsh as washing machines, your underwear will look newer for longer and they will fit as new as your first wear.


Don’ts for men’s underwear:

Don’t go for commando:

You may feel free and cooler upon not wearing the underwear, but it doesn’t mean that you should do it often. For several years, going commando has been a thing that men believed to have no harm. However, according to medical experts, ditching underwear is not a good choice. Here is a quick breakdown of those causes-

  • Your intimate parts are too sensitive to handle the chafing caused by denim or any harsh outwear.
  • Your sensitive parts get exposed to unhygienic conditions and germs.
  • Sometimes it gets challenging to hide stains and wet spots if you are not wearing your undies.

The awkward underwear line:

It is not just the ladies who worry about the underwear line. If you have ever worn pants or shorts with boxers or boxer briefs, you can relate to how dreaded it looks when the lines bunch up. No matter how carefully you pull your pants, those thick underwear lines come back after some time. Hence, it is recommended to dress with a smooth finish. While choosing underwear, opt for something that won’t bunch up.

Don’t be scared to experiment:

While talking about men’s underwear style, you may choose the same style you were comfortable with so far. Instead of sticking to a specific underwear design, keep experimenting with other options available. It will not only give you much-needed confidence but also can make your style game on point.

Don’t wear the same underwear frequently:

A lot of people do it when they find a particular underwear style looks great on them. They start wearing the undies more often without giving them rest. Well, it is a complete no-no, as it not only decreases the longevity of the products but also can irritate your skin due to frequent washing and stretches to the fabric.

Don’t use a hot dryer:

Since all the underwear fabrics are more delicate than other clothing items, they are needed to air dry or tumble dry on the lowest setting. Hot air dryers not only fade colours but also stretches the fabric by creating friction.

Don’t dry in the direct sunlight:

UVB and UVA rays are not only harmful to your skin but also can damage the fabric by weakening them. Hence, it’s always better to hang your underwear in shade for air drying.

Don’t use bleach or fabric softener:

Both the bleach and fabric softener damage the undies. Bleach is a harsh chemical that will damage the delicate fabric of your underwear. On the other hand, the use of the fabric softener may look and smell great, but it leaves a residue that is not good for your intimate hygiene.


While following these do’s and don’ts, make sure you replace your undies timely. A lot of men don’t even remember what was the last time they have bought their underwear. In such a case, there are a few physical cues to rely on. For example, you may notice that your underwear has started to sag, the colour has faded a lot or the elastic waistband is no more supporting your waist. These are the symptoms that tell you to let your underwear go. Moreover, you will be at risk of developing certain infections and rashes over time. Hence it is important to follow a proper replacement and washing regime to keep your sensitive area in comfort.

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